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Artist Interview

How did you get started into all of this?

"Like most kids, I took a few piano lessons and managed to squeak out a few notes on the trumpet in grade 7 band class, but after getting hold of a guitar I've never looked back. I love guitar. I shush my family and friends when I know a guitar solo is coming."

When did you start playing guitar?

"I had a friend in high school who got me playing guitar when I was in grade nine. My parents got me an acoustic guitar not too long after. I didn't pick up an electric guitar for the first 7 years of playing. I was obsessed with acoustic finger style stuff, like Don Ross and Andy McKee. I barely knew what they were up to, but loved that sort of playing. So that kept me busy."

"Now I'm into instrumental electric stuff. Plini is a hero of mine. I love that sound. Jakub Zytecki is great. There's lots of people there that inspire me."

Why do you love instrumental music?

"I don't mind vocals, but that stuff is everywhere. Those songs will find you. You have to go searching for instrumental stuff."  

"I also think instrumental music is the listener in the conversation. Too many people are trying to have a voice and say something, and I think a few more people should listen."

"Instrumental music gives me space to think."

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